Is it social media, or is it just you?

Social media: Some of us post a lot, others – not so much.

I had a conversation with a friend; in which their response made me realise how different each persons perspective is.

There’s a lot I didn’t cover in this video – but basically – what people post social media should not bother you too much. Sure, have an opinion – but if it affects you and how you feel about life and the world, then you need to do a little less scrolling and a little more self-reflecting!

Main Points:
– What other people post shouldn’t affect you; and if it does (whether it’s positive or negative) – that’s on YOU to figure out why.
– Embrace all sides of who you are.
– Stop thinking you’ve got people figured out based on a MEME they’ve posted.
– Don’t worry about what other people are posting – worry about what you need to do, to be happy.

We’re all amazing, powerful & capable. We’re all inspirational. We’re all egotistic, but we’re all authentic. It just depends on the day. 

P.S: I dropped my phone at 4:20, hence the awkward pause hahaha.


C x


#PSYCHICREADING #FreeWill #YouCreateYourLife ✨🌻

I had a psychic reading today – and I just wanna share that the spiritual journey is absolutely incredible. A lot of people will read this and think I’ve lost my mind again; because I used to think the same. Each time I see a psychic, I’ll get different answers so yeah it’s true – it may not be 100%.. but everything she said today (past/ present) was mind blowing, and also the guidance for what’s coming up in the future. I saw this lady two years ago; some of what she said didn’t happen, so I researched. Then today I questioned why, and I was aware of exactly at what point I altered my life. Nothing in life is “set in stone” because we all have free will. If there’s anything I want to remind you of by posting this, is that we always have a choice, and deep down we know when we’re making the wrong ones, because of how we feel on a deeper level… and that yes SOME psychics are very accurate.

The world is full of magic. 💜🔮✨

#TheyDontTeachYouThisInSchool #KeepYourHeadUp #KeepYourMindOpen

My trip to Burma: Putting life into perspective.

 1. There’s no right or wrong way to do life – things don’t need to be perfect.

2. There’s more beauty than negativity in life.

3. Unconditional love

4. Listen to your inner truth for guidance – not the world around you.

Trusting in the universe….



The importance of forgiveness and empathy.

This will be my final video for 2017!

Forgiveness & empathy.. and why it’s important.

In a nutshell:

  • We’re all human.
  • We all deserve forgiveness.
  • We all mess up – don’t just point the finger!
  • No one’s going to want to change if you keep portraying them in a negative manner.
  • Forgiveness makes you stronger, regardless of how society portrays it.

Side note:

Forgiveness has nothing to do with keeping the person in your life.
It simply means you forgive them for any pain they’ve cause you; so take the lessons and move on.
Easier said than done (believe me I know) – but once you realised how far you’ve come from it, you’ll feel unstoppable.

Have an amazing December everyone.

Crystal xo

 I understand that at times, for some people, ignorance is bliss.
But for the most part – we have access to so much information, to learn and to broaden our minds – yet there’s so much emphasis that needs to be placed on why we’re not moving forward based on whatever ‘labels’ we’re given by society, each other and the way we label ourselves.

We’re more alike than unalike, and there’s no reason why any of us should feel ‘above’ or ‘below’ anybody else, no matter what.

Since birth, we’ve been told who and what we are and how we ‘should’ be.

2017 has been a mind-opening, heart-opening journey; here’s a little bit of what I learned.

P.S: The video doesn’t start at the beginning (I have no idea why) so you need to re-start it from the start. x